Closer to Even

In one of the many conversations that have taken place since the start of our journey in January, someone asked, “Why isn’t what we have enough?”  Her response to her own question instantly resonated with the rest of us:

“I feel so unsettled because so often what takes up my time doesn’t align with my priorities.  There is too much work time and not enough family and friends time.  There is too much spending and not enough money for travel and adventure.  Too much importance placed on negative input whilst dismissing (or missing altogether) the positive.”

If you haven’t identified what those things are that bring a feeling of fulfillment, of satisfaction, of energy, you may not know exactly what it is that will bring a sense of balance.  If you haven’t taken the time to evaluate and invest in knowing these things about yourself, you’re going to feel the effects of the imbalance.  Maybe not immediately, and maybe you wouldn’t recognize it: frustration, loss of energy, sadness, trouble sleeping, stress.  However, once you are able to pinpoint those things that fill you up, you will begin to notice a shift; when this shift occurs, you will recognize it and you then have to begin to prioritize those activities in order to create a life that feels balanced.

I used to think balance was a crock.  That was before the shift.  Balance to you is not necessarily balance for me; it’s certainly not something that we can rely on someone else to create nor prioritize for us.

You have to be intentional in setting aside time to evaluate how you are spending your days versus how you want to be; where you are focusing your resources, versus what you actually want to be focusing your resources on.  Then, you have to be quite ruthless in chasing the ideal versus what you know as the norm.  You must be able to understand where the imbalance lies, but also how to bring it closer to even.


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