Grace Is Not Gone

Sometimes, life sidetracks us. Our days get away from us, plans fall through, ideas fail, intentions are set but not met.

Give yourself grace.

Grace to not hold yourself accountable for all of the problems.

Grace to accept that you’ve made a mistake, or misjudged a situation.

Grace to accept that you missed a day, a workout, a meal plan.

Grace to accept that you forgot a task, an item, an activity, an event.

Grace to feel the emotions, whatever they may be.

Grace to understand that you are doing your best and sometimes you can only do so much and what falls through the cracks or to the wayside, no matter how urgent or important, just will.

Grace to know that you aren’t defined by the misses.

Grace to forgive yourself, and grace to pick back up tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Grace Is Not Gone”

  1. “Armed with will and determination, and grace, too.” Thank your for the heartfelt and perfect words at the end of today


  2. You think of things impossible….
    One of my favorite DMB songs; my grace is gone!
    Emilie this embraces all of me. We are too hard on ourselves, I am my worst critic.
    Thank you ❤️


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